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Filtered water in your bathroom? Why it's a good idea.

November 21, 2018




We usually think that filtered water is just good for drinking and using in the kitchen, but cleaning up your water in the bathroom can help too.




Installing a shower filter is pretty straightforward, and can help considerably with your health. Why?


Most water municipalities add chlorine to the public water system to disinfect the water, which is good for sanitizing the water, but the chlorine is not the best thing to consume, or bathe in.


Keep in mind, that when you are taking a hot shower, the chlorine vaporizes and mixes with the steam, (especially with hot water), and you are breathing those fumes as long as you are in the shower, (and bathroom).


Most home improvement stores, or your local hardware store sell "screw on" showerhead filters that are pretty easy to install.


Filtering out chlorine from your showerhead may also help with the health of your hair and some people have claimed that their hair feels smoother and shinier after switching to filtered water.


Bathroom Sink


Installing a water filter in the bathroom sink is another great idea. 

An inline water filter for the cold line will filter out water that you use for brushing your teeth and washing your face without any potential chlorine residues.


I strongly feel that every little bit adds to the health of you and your family when it comes to protecting yourself from environmental toxins.

Water filtration is a cost effective solution in keeping your water clean and safe.




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