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Bad diet? 5 easy ways to help protect your health

December 12, 2017

 1. It’s the water thing again


I know, you’ve probably heard this a million times, but water is just an amazing way to keep your body in a healthier condition.

Our bodies need lots of water to operate correctly, and hydration helps

with flushing out toxins, especially if you drink, smoke, or eat lots of conventional

junk food.

When the body is dehydrated, it takes water from the blood making the blood thicker.

Thicker blood means the heart has to pump harder, and it’s a good idea not to unnecessarily

strain the ticker.

You should drink at least 3 quarts of water each day, and more during the hotter months.

Of course, filtered water is the best.


2. Put some “anti’s” in your body.


Regardless of your diet, your body is constantly ravaged by free radicals, which essentially

do damage to your cells, which in turn, ages you quicker.

If you drink or smoke, this is even more accelerated.


You can protect yourself by taking “anti-oxidants”, which counteract the effects of oxidation

from free radical damage. (Free radicals are “pro-oxidants” - not good.)

Antioxidants are what I call great “oxidation busters.”


Vitamin C is an amazing antioxidant and I highly recommend taking several doses

3 or 4 times a day to protect your body. Vitamin C is water soluble, so your body excretes it

quickly through sweat and urine. That’s why it’s best to spread the doses out.

Vitamin C is also destroyed quickly by smoking, drinking, stress, and intense exercise, so take extra if you are pouring on the stress factors.


Other very powerful antioxidants are CoQ10, Alpha lipoic acid, Vitamin E, and Carnosine.

CoQ10, a great heart health protector, and Carnosine are the higher cost supplements, but I feel that it’s a very worthy investment in protection for the body.


3. More “anti’s”?


Having a poor diet produces what health experts call “chronic inflammation”.


This is not good at all, and many scientists and health experts believe that this

is the root cause of just about all diseases.


What can you do about this?

Use herbs and spices that are “anti-inflammatories”, such Curry powder (specifically Turmeric),

Cayenne pepper, Cinnamon (the “ceylon” version), Garlic, and ginger.


Keep these spices on hand and sprinkle them on prepared food if you don’t have time

to add them while preparing food, or, you can take them in supplement form.


4. Send an Avocado down the hatch with a hamburger


In a peer-reviewed study from the journal “food and function”, it was shown that consuming

an avocado with a hamburger considerably reduced “vascular constriction.”

“Vascular constriction” happened when the participants in the study consumed the hamburger


Avocados contain many health protecting nutrients, including healthy fats, so keep this tidbit

in mind, even if you are not a meat eater.


5. Juice and smoothie bars are cool


With juice and smoothie bars becoming more trendy, it’s more likely that there is one or

more of them in your neighborhood.


Downing a green juice, green smoothie, or red smoothie can do your body good by adding concentrated phytonutrients, plant sterols that feed your cells and protect them from damage.

Green phytonutrients also “chelate” (take out or remove) toxins and heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium, and mercury from your body.

Organic is the best way, as to ensure that you are not putting toxic pesticides back into your body.

You might be surprised on how good they can taste too!


Hey, what if I do this and cut out the bad stuff?


Of course, all of the steps I pointed out above can be more powerful

if you ditched the bad diet and lifestyle and continued to put good things

in, and on your body.


You can use the tips I pointed out as a stepping stone into a better and healthier


That being said, I recommend going into a new health regimen with “flow” instead of “force”,

so do it slowly so your body can adapt to the new changes easier.




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Bad diet? 5 easy ways to help protect your health

December 12, 2017

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