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What are my health goals?

It's important to know what you really want out of your health aspirations, and narrow down the areas that mean the most to you.

It also means a time of a very important commitment. Are you ready for a change?

Changing your lifestyle can be challenging, but the rewards are very empowering and often lead

to positive effects in other areas of life, such as finding your passion and moving it into play.

The basic outline of healthy change

When modifying lifestyle choices, the following are the basic areas to incorporate into your new and improved way of living: 

  • Food choices - a plant based diet is a supreme way to nourish and cleanse your body.

  • Nutritional supplementation - vitamins, minerals, and herbs can strongly assist in healing and maintaining great health.

  • Environmental, including clean air, water, and chemical free living.

  • Exercise - moving your body helps greatly with body metabolism, cleansing, respiratory health and heart health in addition to producing "feel good" hormones. 

  • Spacing meals and time limits. When to eat is just as important as what to eat. All meals should leave plenty of time to digest before starting a new digestion process. You will learn why all meals should end at 8 PM the latest and what you can do to curb appetite during that time.

Ready to go?

Ready to make a positive change that will empower you into your next chapter of life?

You can use our contact form to initiate a free 15 minute phone consultation.

Consulting fees and contact information is listed HERE.

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